Registration page conversion rates

Hi all, I am doing some analysis of our webinar performance and am really struggling to find any stats on average registration page hits to registrations conversion percentages. There is plenty of data on registration to attendee data. But any links or sources anyone has with regards to page hits to registrations would be greatly appreciated, or even just stats from your own sessions would be a great help.

There is a reg page conversion rate in the Webcast Reporting and Analytics reports. Top right on the page first page. Is that what you mean? I find that can be skewed by visits during setup though if there is a lot of cycles of editing the reg page prior to launch.

ON24 folks, it would be great to be able to reset that number when it’s time to push out the invite/share the link. :wink:

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Would also love to know about benchmarks on this. Our conversion from page hit to registrants is usually around 50%, but not sure if that’s good/bad/average.


50% is great! We’re usually around 30-40%, but have seen up to 60%+ depending on the topic and speaker. I’ve had some recent ones in the 1-4% range, which makes me think we’re seeing a lot more bot/scanner clicks.

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Yeah that’s the one. You can see you own Reg Page Conversion rates per webinar, but it would be good to get some benchmarks to be able to compare against. :slight_smile:

Thanks all, this is really useful, and good to know i’m not the only one keen to find benchmarks on these stats. Ours are often between 20 and 30% so definite room for improvement.

Not exactly your question, but if you’re looking to improve conversion rates, you might want to look at using a product like unbounce and integrating rather than using ON24’s registration pages. (More layout options and tools to help you improve conversion rates.)

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I’ve found this stat incredibly useful recently when we were debating whether to make the opt-in field mandatory for non-CEU/PD events. We got push back from some of our internal partners about making that mandatory on the registration pages based on the instinctive fear that forcing people to opt into communications would become a disincentive to complete the registration process.

When I compared the data, though, on average non-mandatory events had a 47% conversion rate and mandatory events had a 46% conversion rate. So it appears the impact of making that field mandatory on the overall proportion of people who visited the registration page and followed through on registration was minimal. However, the impact on the volume of registrants we could actually communicate with went up dramatically - 100% versus an average of 27%!

So that’s my way of saying don’t just look at metrics to see what they are; look at them to see how they can inform your practices. And even a stat that’s seemingly obscure like registration page conversion can be incredibly useful.

We get about 15 percent conversion and are playing with ways to change up the registration page next year so build that number. Anyone have any thoughts on why, if people read an email or blog post and are interested enough to click through, they don’t follow through and register? We only have four form fields.